Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SPECIAL PRODUCT REVIEW - Sleek cosmetic I divine Sunet eyeshadow palette

I finally got my Sleek i-divine eyeshadow palette yeaahhhhhhh I was so excited when I seen the package in my mail box.

OK so it took about a week to arrive which isn't bad at all and I was very pleased with the packaging, it was wrapped in layers of bubble wrap to ensure the eye shadows weren't broken when they got to me. After unwrapping all the bubble wrap it was in cased in a small black box that has sleek makeup written on the top. When I slid the palette out I was thrilled to see how modern and clean the casing was, it was very simple but I found it match the brand really well. The one thing I didn't like about the casing, the stupid thing is so hard to open and it's so annoying.

All the eye shadows were perfect and none of them were broken which made this women one happy customer. The shadows are truly beautiful, they're very high-quality, and shimmery except the black one it's more of a matte then a shimmer. They come with 12 highly pigmented colors, some light and some dark, most come with a matte black for lineing your upper lash line.

I did look on the back and the product was UK based, also the website was UK based as well, so I was a bit disappointed  to see it was made in China. I hate when you buy a product that you think is created by who they say they are and then you turn it over and it says made in China on the back.

I used my palette for the first time yesterday and was very happy with the results the colors are so shimmery and sheen I adore them so much, the black in the palette is more of a matte color and doesn't  sparkle, i use it to line my upper eyelashes. 

A little goes a long way with this eye palette, I found the darker colors you really just need a small amount on your bush especially with the black it goes on really dark and isn't very easy to blend, it looks fabulous on your upper lash line tho.

I would use just a bit of a color and then keep blending different colors you want to create your look into each other, because the eye shadows are so highly pigmented you don't need to use a lot because it'll show up very heavy and shimmery and we don't want to be looking like a Christmas tree do. Using just a little will make your look complete, I wasn't use to this because with my other eye palettes I have to go over the same area a couple times with the color to get the effect I want, but not with the sunset palette.

Also noticed the eyeshadow never creased on me after 8 hours of wear and I did not apply eyelid primer. I did pick a darker color palette, Sunset is a dark palette with a couple light colors, because the color is so high pigmented the first time I wore the eye shadows I caked them on and then went to the store and seen my reflection in a mirror walking by and I was like holy crap my eye makeup is way to heavy and way to dark for daytime.

Pros and Cons
This palette is A-mazing!!! It's a high-quality product, the pigmentation was beautiful. I wasn't use to such high quality shadows so it will def take some time to get the hang of applying it. I also noticed if you have crapping makeup brushes you get crappy results when trying ti blend this shadow it was everywhere but that's  because I have cheap makeup brushes. The variety of palettes and colors are amazing but the best part is the price vs the quality is fabulous.
My Conclusion
I will continue to buy from sleek cosmetics, because I adore their eyeshadow palettes and you can't beat the price.
My Ratings
Pigmentation - 9.5    Longevity - 8.5  Quality - 9.5   Packaging - 9   Blendablity - 5   Overall - 9.5
My ratings are based between a 1 - 10
Where I purchased - Sleek Cosmetics website
Price - $13.00 CD plus tax
Hoped you enjoyed my tutorial

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