Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Sleek MakeUP

I finally ordered a palette from Sleek makeup :) I've been meaning to do it for awhile but I just didn't have the funds but yesterday I looked in my bank account and was like yes I have a little extra money, so I got on the site and I found the palette I wanted and ordered it!

Best feeling in the world is when your buying something online ( for me it's mostly makeup ) and you click the checkout button and it's all yours, now you just have to wait 2 weeks for shipping -_- not a fan of good ol shipping but hey what can you do.

OK so anyway the palette I bought from Sleek makeup was a  fall color based matte shadows palette.

This palette is from their I-divine eyeshadow palette collection, they have 14 different palettes, along with a couple others this one was one of my favorites. I love wearing brown since I have blue eye and this palette was just chalked full of beautiful matte browns, I was thrilled.

The color of this palette is called Sunset, featuring 12 shades of high-quality very pigmented shadows. Coming in at only $9.99 I was so excited I think it cost me $12.00 plus tax. Along with eye shadows they have tons of other wonderful products I can't wait to get my hands on.
i Divine-Sunset
Sleek makeup is a very new makeup to me, I've never heard of them until I was chatting on specktra and one of the girls on there mentioned them as being one of the most high - quality products for a very reasonable price. I decided to check their website out and really liked it, I did some research and found lots of reviews on their products and it seems people love them. They are UK based so when ordering their products shipping time will take a bit, roughly around 2 weeks I was told, but that's not really a long time compared to other shipping times..............China

As soon as my palette comes in I'll have to test it out and write a review on it.

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