Sunday, November 18, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Ave'ne Thermal Spring Water

Thermal sprays have been a big hype in the past, they're not so much now, but when they did use to be big I wanted to know what  the hype was all about? I had seen makeup videos on YouTube and makeup artists were saying how thermal water is used to set your makeup and make it last longer, I thought what I was looking for was a spray that would set my makeup and give me that youthful glowy look you see on the models walking down the runway, but I was wrong. I going to tell what it actually does.

Before I purchased this thermal water I had the La Roche Posay thermal water but lost it when I bought it camping with me :(  so I purchased the Avene thermal water, because it was a bit cheaper and I wanted to explore a different brand. Here's what thermal water really does. It might set your makeup but you can never really tell, it doesn't really moisturize your skin through your makeup either ( something I thought it did ) it really isn't for makeup, its more for rashes, and other such things.

Thermal water is good for rashes and people with sensitive skin, they're also very good for diaper rashes on babies, the clerk at the store told me it's a really great eye drop as well, she says if you have very dry eyes then spray this directly into your eye and it will mositurize them. Thermal water has many uses don't get me wrong and I do love them, but I just don't see the use in using them to set your makeup, it's def not a  makeup necessity lets just say that it's nice to have on hand for a bunch of different reasons. It's like a super crazy multitasker, but if your looking for something that'll set your makeup and moisturize your skin this isn't your thing.

Pros and Cons
Great multitasking product for just about everything, but I did not find it made my makeup last longer, or moistures your face underneath your makeup. It does not give you a dewy glow I was hoping for and makes my face look more naturel,but this is a fabolous product for a lot of other reasons.
My Conclusion
Love Thermal water as a product but don't think it's a perfect solution to set makeup.
My Ratings
Quality - 10   Packaging - 10  Texture - 9.5   Overall - 9.5
( I gave this product 9.5 because I love it for other things but buying it just to set makeup I would pass)
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