Friday, November 16, 2012


Hey guys so another new weekly post ( I know I'm just full of new ideas :p ) is going to be called " My Instagramming Week" and what this post will feature is a little college of the photos I've instagrammed over the week, I'll be doing this ever week just as a fun thing. For each picture I give a little explnation on what it is and why I took that photo.

So enjoy a little private look inside my life :)

#1  Me falling asleep watching tv   #2 My super cute slipper booties I bought from Winners   #3  A super yummy salad with, chicken, little tomatoes, garlic cheese soo good   #4 Some yummu apple crisp I made for dinner desert  #5 A piece of apple crisp with some whip cream on the top  #6 My super sexy workout outfit  # 7 Christina aguilera makeup look  #8 Our christmas tree we decorated on tuesday now my house is all festive and pretty  #9 My very messy makeup counter, my boyfriends always yelling at me to clean it up   #10 Curled my hair for the day and it was super spirally  #11 A nice steaming cup of hot coco with some yummy whip cream to top it off  #12 My family stockings all hung up so neatly.

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