Thursday, November 15, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Maybelline Fit Me!

When Maybelline first came out with there high-tech gel foundation I was thrilled and went into the store that very day to purchase it. At first I got a shade that was a bit to dark for my skin tone ( works great in the summer when I'm tan though) so I didn't like the foundation, but after I went back and bought a shade a little lighter then the first one, that's when I really started to judge the foundation.

 So, here's what I have to say about this foundation, it's a mix between hate and sorta love, I'm going to be completely honest with you it's my main foundation right now just because I can't afford high-end foundation, but foundation is probably the most important product to me, if you have beautiful eye makeup and cakey foundation it makes you look bad no matter how good your eye makeup is.


Anyway you can't put this foundation on with a foundation brush because for some reason it creates lines which you don't see until your outside in the light and then you notice them in the reflexion of the car mirror, yucks! It's also very very cakey and it gets into your fine lines no matter if you prime your face or not. It's not super heavy it's rather light and soft, but it seems to sit on the blond hairs on your face instead of your skin which I really didn't like.

The coverage of this foundation sucks a lot, if you have red marks or any nasties you have to apply like 2 layers of foundation and then concealer and then probably another layer of foundation and even after all that it still shows, if your looking for a full range coverage then this foundation isn't the foundation for you. I also founda the shades to be a bit off, it was either to dark or to light and there was no number in between.

It doesn't last very long either it starts fading after maybe 3 or 4 hours so you have to keep re applying it to keep the coverage. I found in the summer my foundation was literally melting off my face so it doesn't do good at all with heat and humidity, even with primer. It doesn't look super natural but it doesn't look like your wearing a mask either it's kinda in the middle, but you can def tell you wearing foundation. When you look at yourself in a mirror in a bathroom or, in harsh light it looks really cakey and gross.

Pros and Cons
Hate the coverage, hate the shades, hate the way it sits on my skin, hate that it cakes, hate that it creates lines, but love that its gel, and makes my skin feel soft and it doesn't feel heavy on my face. If you live somewhere hot and humid don't buy this foundation, if you want full coverage dont buy this foundation.
My Conclusion
I'm not a huge fan of this foundation and can't wait to move on to bigger and better things!
My Ratings
Coverage - 1  Quality - 4.5   Texture - 5.5   Apperance - 3  Overall - 3
Where I purchased - Shoppers Drug Mart
Price -  $7.50
Hoped you enjoyed this review please if you have any questions, comment below or shoot me a email I love hearing from you guys :)

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