Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MAKEUP TRICKS - How To Get You'r Undereye Concealer To Not Crease?

 So, like a huge majority of women I have dark circles under my eyes, there not like super dark or anything but they still make me look tired and older then I really am. I also envied the celebrity's with bright, young looking under eyes, little did I know they weren't born with extremely good genes they had a little help from the makeup fairy!

I have found a really nice under eye routine that not only keeps my dark circles concealer but helps the concealer to not crease. I have a under eye concealer that's not suppose to crease but you know what it lied and it still does crease quite a bit, I've tried different methods of trying to successfully cover up my dark circles and keep my concealer from caking up and creasing.

OK, the very first step to stop the crease is make sure you apply a primer to your under eye area and make sure you apply the right amount.

Once you've finished that try appling your concealer to your under eye area, don't rub it on or brush it on with a concealer brush because this can cause lines, instead get a beauty blender and softly dab it into your dark circle, this creates less lines and helps the concealer to stay out of your fine lines.

Once you've done that it's time for the secret weapon of no crease under eye concealer......POWDER!

That's right it's that simple its just powder, but theres a certain way of appling it that helps your concealer to stay put, instead of brushing the powder all over your face to set your makeup, you need to push it into your foundation to ensure it's not just going to fall off, same thing applies to your under eye concealer, get some kind of brush, get some powder on your brush and press the brush into your under eye area, this will insure that your concealer won't crease and it'll last long.

No creases after 5 hours of wear ;)  ( I do have a couple wrinkles though yuck!)

Try this trick and see if it helps

Hoped you enjoy this little trick.


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