Monday, November 12, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Kings and Queens Body Wash

A long time ago I was bored and was browsing in a Shoppers Drugmart store and I stopped this cool body wash in the shower secetion called King and Queen Royal Favorite Set . It immediatly attracted me because of is bright colorful packagaing, I wanted to try it so badly, so I bought a little mini set with 5 different wash in it.

This set is called King and Queen Royal Favorite Set and features  5 smashing scents, Nefertiti Honey Showergel, Chinese Princess Jasmine showergel, Queen Isabella Cinnamon Orange Showergel, Emperor Akbar Mango Showergel, Sultan of Granada Lemon Flavor Showergel.

The scents are so yummy and you'll smell like it all day long. I just love the king and queen products there so different from anything else on the market and I can't wait to explore more of they're smasing scents.

Pros and Cons
Don't really have any cons for this product, what can I say it's job is to smell good and make your body gush with sweet sexy smells and I think it did just that. Love the scent, love the viriaty, love the packaging there's really isn't a downside to this product you win no matter what.
My Conclusion
This shower gel turly make you feel pampered and the scents are to die for I love it
My Ratings
Packaging - 10   Scent - 9.5   Longetivity - 7  Quality - 9   Overall - 9


Where I purchased - Shoppers Drug Mart
Price - $10.00

King and Queen Royal Favorite Set

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