Monday, November 12, 2012

MY LOOK - Christina Aguilera

Couple weeks back I was watching the movie Burlesque, it's a new movie with Christina Aguilera in it. It's about a small town girl venturing out and becoming a popular burlesque dancer, yea yea yea same old crap ( jokes ). The movie was half decent and Christina's acting wasn't too bad but I think the thing I loved most about the movie was....... you guessed it the makeup!

Burlesque makeup is very very popular and is one of my favorites styles of makeup. Pale faces and dark smoky eyes make these dancers hold even more sex appeal then they already have. I love Christina's burlesque makeup, very sultry and sexy.

Yes it's that time again ladies time for me to put my skills to the test and recreate this dramatic sexy look :) Enjoy!

Before I applied any makeup I prepped my face and applied foundation, I also shaded in my eyebrows and contoured a bit of my face.


Apply a harsh line right above your crease and blend very well upwards make sure the harshness of the line is gone. I used a medium purple but you can use what ever color you want.


Then apply a darker shade of purple at the end corner of your eye and blend up into the crease of your eye, this will had definition.

Time to apply a really soft pink to the upper crease of you eye to make it shine and stand out. Blending is in with the other colors by going side to side with your brush right where the middle crease meets the upper crease.
On the eyelid apply a super shimmery, glittery color, I used a soft shimmery pink and applied it on my entire eyelid.

Apply a white eyeliner to the lower waterline.
Take a liquid eyeliner and tight line your upper lash line, it'll make your lashes look bolder and more complete as you fill in all the gaps. Then apply a nice even line above your lash line and create a bold long wing at the end.

Your eyes should look something like mine ( Picture above ) . Another tip you can apply is to add a little bit of black eyeshadow on the end of your eye and blend up into you crease but just apply a little bit.



Apply some black shadow using a liner brush underneath you lower lashes and create a line the flows out into a little wing. You can go over it with a bit of liquid liner to make the liner darker and more defines.

This is the final step, all you do is create little flicks along the dark line you created in step 7.
And your done!

There you have a smoking hot burlesque look, they tend to wear really smokey dark eyes as well maybe I'll do a tutorial for it soon.
Please feel free to comment below and ask my what type of look you want to see me do next.
Eyeshadow - Sleek Makeup - Sunset palette
Primer - Quo total face pefection primer
Blush - Vasanti, Rockies Blush
Foundation - Miaoou, 01
Mascara - Loreal Voluminous Power Collegan
Lipstick - Rimmel, Pink star
Eyeliner - Gosh, white
Liquid Eyeliner - Maybelliner, Master precise
Quo - angled brush
Quo - crease brush
Joe Fresh - Beauty Blender
Joe Fresh - Blush Brush
Quo - Smudge brush

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