Thursday, November 8, 2012



I recently bought a nail polish from Marshall's called Ray-Diant from China Glaze. China Glaze is a very popular nail polish brand, they have tons a cool colors and make one of the best high-quality nail polishes on the market. I grabbed Ray- Diant because the color look very glittery and it look like a perfect color for Christmas, I gotta start getting into the Christmas mood, it is my favorite time of the year.

The Ray-Diant went on very smoothly, it took me about 3 coats to get a nice solid look, it dry really fats, before I had finished on one hand the other was completely dry and ready for the 2 coat, this nail polish impressed me on dry time for sure. The color is just so pretty, it's very glittery with specks of red, green, silver, orange, pink, and blue with the base color being a very shimmery silver, it's very pretty and eye catching.

I honestly would buy this product again and again it was so worth it, my nails look perfect and I love how when the light catches them they look like pretty sparkly Christmas ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree ahhhh it's getting me in a Christmas kind of mood.

Pros and Cons
Love, love, love this polish, it's one of my favorite colors ever! If you like glittery, shimmery, stand out nail polish your going to adore this color. It dried fast, the texture was bumpy but it brought it to life. The quality is amazing. The only negative thing is if you don't buy this nail polish cheap it can retail for $14.00 .
My Conclusion
One of my favorite Christmas colors ever! I can't stop flashing them around and look forward to buying more of this brand.
My Ratings
Texture - 7.5   Dry Time - 9.5  Quality - 10  Color quality - 10 Overall - 10
Where I purchased - Marshall's
Price - $5.99

Purchase on Ebay for $3.47

Hope you enjoy my China Glaze product review

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  1. sooooo pretty~! that flower adds a nice touch

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah I had a little packet of nail stickers so I decided to add a little detail hehhee