Saturday, November 10, 2012


Yesterday night I attend a birthday party for a couple friends of mine. My first thought when I got the invitation was, what kind of look am I going to go for? I didn't feel like wearing a dark, black smoky eye, besides this was just a couple friends all getting together, it wasn't like I was going to a club.

After thinking about it I decided to go for a soft but pretty smoky brown eye. Brown isn't as dark as black so it's def not as harsh and for a birthday party I thought it was the perfect look.

So I got my sleek palette out and created a super smoked up look! I was wearing a very soft blue for a day time look, I went to play group with my daughter  and then right after went grocery shopping so I just quickly dazzled my eyelids up with some soft blue, some white, and a little tiny bit of dark brown ( I had to make a good impression on the other moms at play group :p ) I quickly transformed that into my smoked up evening look.

Get the same look :)

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