Wednesday, December 5, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Inebrya Ice Cream Cream Hair Dye - Light blonde

So after a long journey of bleach and box, hair dye I decided to go with this hair dye I found at shoppers drug mart, I have never heard of this brand before and it was different from the other box dyes because you have to mix hydrogen peroxide with it which really lifts and lightens your hair.
Before I go on about if I liked this product or not let me explain myself.
 OK so I have always gotten my hair done at a salon by a professional. I have done my hair before by myself and it always turned into a huge disaster and I would always end up going to the salon to get them to fix it anyway. Well since it's Christmas, money has been tight and I just didn't have $ 150 to fork out for new highlights, but my roots were looking so bad and I was getting extremely annoyed. So I did what any beauty on a budget would do........I did it myself.
Now before I even purchased the ice cream hair dye, I had bleached my hair twice and then bought a box dye and dyed it with that. The box dye didn't really do anything, I also wash my hair with special purple toner shampoo that's suppose to take out red, orange, or brassy colors left behind from bleaching or just fading. That helped to take the yellow out of my hair from the bleach. I wanted a light blond and what got was yellow until I used the ice cream dye.


 The white blond streaks is the ice cream hair color and then the darker ones were purposely left behind from the bleach ( I'm not wearing makeup so don't look a my face :p yucky )

I mixed this hair dye with hydrogen peroxide and applied it in sections of my hair as highlights to try and take more of the yellow out of my hair and give it more of a white blond look, without being totally white. It took me about 40 minutes for the dye to lighten my hair, for the darker pieces at the back of my head which lightened a little but not as much as the really bleached pieces. After the 40 minutes I jumped in the shower and washed my hair with my toner shampoo and I was so pleased with the results. I had nice light blond streaks going threw my entire hair and it took away from the yellow strands that were left over, leaving me with a beautiful head of nice light blond hair. This product wasn't as harsh on my hair as other hair dyes and of course bleach. It's made it aloe Vera and contains oils to maintain beautiful hair even when your coloring it.
It does have a strong smell to it because your mixing it with hydrogen peroxide which doesn't smell pretty and it can really burn your eyes and nose. It's was a bit clumpy no matter how long I stirred it for but that didn't seem to matter.  Make sure your dyeing your hair in a well ventilated area to avoid breathing in to much of the dye. It comes in a small metal red tube which has a twist on and off cap, so if you don't use it all you can save the rest for when you need to touch up your roots or brighten your highlights. 
Pros and Cons
Great product, produces amazing results but I'm unsure if it would work well on hair that hasn't been bleach before hand. Not very damaging to my hair and actually made my hair nice and soft, after I rinsed it out. You'd have to mix this hair color with hyrdogen peroxide in order for it to work properly, so you end up buy two products to get the job done.
My Conclusion
I will never buy another brand of hair dye other then this one again!
My ratings
Scent - 4   Quality - 10  Packagaing - 10  Color - 10  Damage - 3   Overall - 9.5


  1. Where did you purchase Ice Cream from? I can't seem to find it online.

  2. yes it's tricky the actually brand is called inebrya Ice Cream dye. If you live in Canada they sell it at Shoppers Drug Mart. You also have to buy the developer also. you mix them together. Its a great product, I'll never use another dye

  3. Are you supposed to use the peroxide? I used the 20% one to dye my hair Auburn brown chestnut. My hair was already brown with some caramel and blonde highlights. I find it turned out a bit too red for my taste. Maybe I should of stayed with my first choice Light brown chestnut color.

    So what is the purpose of the peroxide? Could I have done my hair without it?

    1. No, u need the peroxide or "developer" so the hair opens up and takes the color