Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Instagram Life

(1) Going to see my in-laws (2) On my way to my birthday dinner at my parents (3) Enjoying a glass of pink bubbly on valentines day with my boyfriend (4) Laid back look for attending a doctors appointment (5) Nude makeup look (6) Gold and red striped nail polish (7) Getting ready for nighty night (8) Getting ready for a little grocery shopping (9) My little zebra hooded daughter (10) Loreals violet and OPI gold, half moon style ( such a pretty purple )  (11) My frosty winter blue makeup .....tutorial Here  (12) Going for a wee winter walk ( 13) enjoying my latest catch from mary kay makeup, the satin lips system


  1. i love your daughters zebra hoodie!! where is is from? & how old is she!? adorable!!

    1. Awwwh thank you so much, she the sweetest thing ever. I purchased her Zebra hoodie at once upon a child, she's 19 months old and shes the best baby ever.