Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW - Lass Naturals Almond and Saffron Moisturizing Lotion

The other Lass Natural product I was given an opportunity to try was the - Lass Naturals Almond and Saffron moisturizing lotion. Lass Natural products by – a beauty network where you can search, compare and review natural and organic beauty products & hair and beauty salons worldwide.

I love this lotion.  First off it smells so good, like almonds and butter, mhmmm so yummy, it has a hint of rose water but not to much and I think that’s why it smells so good, It also made my skin feel smoother, and moisturized my super dry hands. It’s made to nourish and protect skin without leaving your skin feeling oily.
I loved the lotion probably more than the clay facial. It's not a heavy lotion but a very light smooth lotion, it’s not runny either and absorbs right into skin, unlike some moisturizers that sit on your skin and make it feel oily.  Enriched with oils and active natural ingredients, makes this moisturizer an easy choice. This product is all natural, Eco friendly and animal cruelty free.

The packaging for this product is pretty much the same as the Lass Naturals – Glowing Facial. It comes in an easy to use squeeze tube and displays all natural ingredients, which the product contains on the front. The packaging is very simple but not boring. I love the design and found it to be a perfect fit for the product.


Pros and Cons

Loved the smell of this lotion it took me to heaven and back. I was thrilled that it cured my dry skin and wasn’t oily and heavy. I usually love heavy lotions because they tend to absorb better but this lotion did that without being heavy. I really don’t have any cons about this product, I really loved it.

My Conclusion

Loved this lotion and wish there were more naturally lotions out there like this one.

My Ratings

Texture -  9   Smell – 10  Quality – 9   Packaging -  8   Overall – 9.5
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