Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WISH LIST - Lashes of London

Lashes of London

1 - Pilosa Oversized Sequin Dress
I love this oversized dress, it looks comfy and so easy to wear, I would wear this in the summer or maybe in the winter with a pair of leggings
2 - Sundae Sequin Mini Dress
Super stylish and cute. I love the back cut out on this dress and the sundae pattern is so unique and different, I love it. I would wear this out for a fancy dinner or to a party.
3 - Darcy Peplum Jacquard Skirt
These skirts are super popular and in right now, ever since I spotted Kim Kardashian sporting one, I needed to own one of my own. The bow on the front adds a nice little touch

4 - Harper Sequin Biker Jacket

Love the form of this jacket, I been all over the whole blazer style for a bit now, but could never found one that fits me right, this jacket is a step up from a blazer and look like my kind of style, another must have for my clothing rack.

5 - Ramona Embellished Dress

I love the detail on the shoulders of this dress, it looks form fitting which is another thumbs up for me. I've seen these type of dress on the runway and I have been dieing to own one ever since.

6 - Carson Snake Skin Leggings

Leggings are super popular, because their comfy, and show off your curves. Snake skin leggings add a little bit of texture and pattern to the ordinary, average leggings. I would totally pair these with a oversized sweater or the pilosa oversized sequin dress.

7 - Palms Belted Playsuit

I love this playsuit, the pattern is so pretty and it just screams summer, I don't think I'd take this bad boy off all summer, it looks so easy and comfy to wear.

Lashes of London is having a contest, asking you to create a collage of items from their unique clothing store. So I pieced together some of my favorite items that would make my clothing collection unique and different, maybe even freshen it up a bit, since it's getting a bit drab.

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