Monday, February 11, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW - TreSkinRx 4 Step Skincare System part 3

TreSkinRx 4 Step Skincare System

Science Combined with Nature in TreSkinRX Aloe Vera.

After week 2

My skin looks a lot smoother and my fine lines look less noticeable. My skin feels so much newer, like baby's skin, right after I wake up in the morning from applying it at night. I think the real star is the exfoliater, it's by far my favorite product. The night cream comes in a close second as well. I love the way the exfoliate feel when applying it, I love the way it gets deep into my pores, I love everything about it. Although it does tingle when rubbing into your skin, I love that feeling, it's just exfoliating your skin. I do really like the bursting beads, that explode on your face when rubbing it in. I loved the smell of the night cream, although after applying it your face, your face looks shiny and oily it's actually doesn't feel oily or greasy at all and it feel gives my skin a shot of moisture. I like this skincare system, it's really easy to use and the products are really great, they all have get benefits and I am starting to see those benefits come through my skin, my skin tone looks a lot more even and youthful and it kinda radiates this glow. I have extremely sensitive skin, which is actually considered unhealthy skin, my skin also suffers from extreme dryness, i didn't find it to cure my dry skin but this stuff works amazing for breakout or acne, I would totally recommend this to people that suffer with acne. It clears your skin up right away.

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If your interested in this skincare system and have read about it on my blog you'll get a special reduced price for the 4 step skincare system. Also TreSkinRx would like to give one lucky winner a free 2 week 4 step skincare system, stay tuned for part 3.

If you would like to enter the contest to win a 2 week 4 step skin care system from TreSkinRX all you need to do is follow @kmakesithappen on twitter and like Melanie Zwiercan on facebook and comment below telling me your skin problems, please include your name and email address so I can contact the winner. Contest closes Thrusday at 12 pm


  1. Thank you so much for trying TreSkinRX. I am so glad you liked the products. Two weeks gives you the chance to try our products and see what you think. With continued use your skin will become healthier and you will notice things like dryness, hyper pigmentation, pore size and increased oil will diminish. Two week trial kits are $15 and are available through me (just email me at or my TreSkinRX website

  2. Thanks so much for the opportunity melanie, I really enjoyed using the products