Friday, September 7, 2012


Ever stumble on a really good make up tutorial and start reading , or watching and get confused when they say words like, waterline, brow bone, tear duct, crease, which one means what?  well I'm here to help ( because awhile ago I was one of those people )

There are tons of different makeup word, so many that sometimes I feel they should create a dictionary just for makeup artists heheheh


EYELID- you first apply your base color or layer to your eyelid

MIDDLE CREASE- this is where you apply the second color to your eye usually the second darkest to your base layer or in some cases vice verse and blend down to your eyelid but not right on your eyelid just to were the crease is.

CREASE- this is where you apply the darkest color of your palette and blend it between the two colors, this will really pull all the colors together and create a pattern of color.

BROW BONE- now we need to highlight some areas of the face and the brow bone is one of them. Apply a white creme shimmer eyeshadow or a white powder eyeshadow make sure it's shimmery so it highlights the area, don't apply  a lot.

TEAR DUCT-  a lot of people when lining their waterline will also line their tear duct, but this look just doesn't fit me and makes my eye look weird and big, so what I do is usually I'll put some white eyeshadow or a creme white pencil liner just in the tear duct area, I find it makes you like more awake and fresher.

UPPER LASH LINE- most people line their upper lash line with liquid eyeliner which makes your lashes look fuller and your eyes bigger.

UPPER WATERLINE- I always line my upper waterline with liquid eyeliner, it's called tight lining and this is the act of lining the part where your upper lashes meet your water line so there's no gaps between your upper lashes.

LOWER WATERLINE- usually you line the lower waterline with eyeliner, it can be any color but it really depends on your look , I wear alot of looks that don't look good with eyeliner but since I have huge eyes I like to wear it because it makes my eyes appear smaller.

LOWER LASH LINE- here is where it gets tricky for me, because I have such huge eyes I have to usually line my lower lash line with black eyeliner and smudge it in, because if I don't then I have big gaps between my lower lashes and it looks really weird.

Hope that i broke it down for you guys, sorry if I missed anything and if I did please feel free to comment or email I love to hear from you all.

love you


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