Monday, September 17, 2012


Ever since I seen Megan Fox on the first transformers, I fell in love with her eyebrows, I loved everything about them, the shape, the density, everything, and ever since then I have been searching and with trial and error I think I found them, the perfect Megan Fox eyebrow.
I am just learning this method of the Megan brow so I might have a bit off but here's how it turned out

I  plucked my eyebrows and then started to fill in the gaps, I used a grey colored eyeliner to do this, some people use eyeshadow, use whatever you feel comfortable with  but make sure it matches your brow color. As I found out this grey was a bit too dark on my eyebrows and didn't look good with my blond hair.
Once I filled them in I outlined them to clean them up, with foundation, I used a concealer brush and outlined my brow, be sure to blend in it well.
And there you have the perfect Megan Fox eyebrow.

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