Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Don't know what a beauty sampling service is? Either did I until recently. I've been hearing some buzz about beauty sampling services, since I've never heard of this before I decided to do some digging and find out why every ones talking about this latest beauty trend.

I live in Canada so I decided to find beauty sampling services that are based in Canada, and here's the 4 that I found.


Gives you a box with 5 deluxe beauty samples every month once a month. They say the size of the products as deluxe which means they're bigger then the average sample size.

 You subscribe, It costs $15 a month which gets you one box, or they have $30  a month for two boxes. Glossybox seems like their boxes contain more skincare products like creams, and they also have hair products maybe a chap stick or nail polish. They have well known brands, they also have a men's sampling box as well.


Topbox is $10 a month and you get 4 beauty samples, so one less then you would get from Glossybox but it's also $5 less then you would pay for glossybox.

Topbox has different brands then Glossybox, it's geared more towards makeup rather then creams I'm not saying they don't give creams but most of the stuff it cosmetic related. Topbox is based more on high end makeup, they have eye shadows, nail polish, lip gloss all on the high end side of the makeup scale. They have brands like Cake, Benefit, stila, and more.


Glymm cost $12 a month and you get 4-5 beauty samples per month, unlike the others it comes in a reuse able, Eco friendly, makeup pouch, which you can reuse for makeup or whatever you want. It's $3 less then glossybox and $2 more then Topbox.

 Like top box they to give you high end makeup samples. Their website isn't like the others and doesn't really give you last months box to let you know what type of items your expected to be getting, but they have some pretty high end brands that I love, Borghese, O.P.I, La Roche Posay, Lisa Watier.

Loose Button

Loose button comes in a red box and cost $10 to $12 a month and comes with 4 products, it to goes on the higher end of the scale for brands, but there brands seems to contain end hair treatments and skincare items. It's also very hard to get into their site as you need a invition, there is also a waiting list when it comes to subscribing to this beauty sampling service.

I think by review these beauty Sampling services I will go with Topbox because they seems to be geared more to costmetics and thats what I'm looking for, I think Glymm is probably the best opiotion when your looking to get more bang for your buck.

Hope I helped you out lovelies


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