Friday, September 21, 2012


We all know Paco Rabanne, as a famous, high end, fashion franchise, but they also have developed some very popular and unique fragrance's, including the very famous 1 Million mens cologne
 and ladies perfume. Well they kicked it up a notch and designed yet another fragrance, this ones called " Black XS L' Exces" and comes in both women and mens fragrance's.

I recently received a sample of the ladies Black XS perfume, I took it out of the package and gave it a squirt and I was completely taken back.  It reminded me of a fragrance I would have worn when I was 16, it's a young, sweet, smelling fragrance and I wouldn't think that anyone over 25 would smell good wearing it. I smelt musking, like cologne but sweet spice.

A lot of people say its a bit clogging and should be worn by people that are more bold and outgoing, it seems to match this personality a bit more then the shy, timid girl sitting at her desk.

The women's is described as a, floral, woody, oriental, smell that contains, vanilla, black pepper, queen of the night jasmine, rose, and cashmere wood.

After I sprayed a bit, I didn't know what to think of this perfume, it was the weirdest smell combination I have ever smelt. Its kinda combo between a women's perfume and a mans cologne, all combined into one bottle.

At first I thought, "oh god they must have given me the mens fragrance but mistake" so I looked at the package again and sure enough it said "for her" right on the front, I was shocked.

Pros and Cons
OK, I think this perfume is totally out there and is unlike anything I have very smelt in a perfume before, it is totally unique in every single way possible. I think they did a good job on the fragrance, it doesn't smell cheap and has very long, longevity. The fragrance would defiantly last all day and still smell the same, not good for those" 4 squirts people" they'll be clearing out malls if they spray to much on. The price is a bit steep but the packaging was very nice and Gothic looking.
My Conclusion
The smell was very unique and different and was a great fragrance, but wasn't my type for a everyday perfume.
Quality - 10  Packaging -7  Longevity - 10 Smell - 6   Overall - 8.5
Price:  1.7 oz $45.00
3.5 oz $ 60.00
Location : Shoppers drugmart
Tell me what you guys think of this fragrance. Did you love it or did you decided it didn't match you as a person?
Email or comment I'd love to hear form you ladies.
Love you

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