Saturday, September 15, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Miaoou Makeup Style, Magic Finish, Cooked Powder

I was looking for some new products to try, when I came across this product, I've never heard of the brand before but it looked like something I wanted to try so I bought it and gave it a whirl.
It's a tan shimmery cooked power, I use it for highlighting my face, I really like how dewy it makes your skin, but if you put to much on it looks terrible like your shining and its really easy to get a lot on your brush, so I recommend shaking a bit off before applying to your face.
It has a variety of different colors all mashed together and is extremely shimmery, the powder was in between loose powder and pressed, which is cooked, I did have to smudge some of it off my face because I kept putting too much on even with just one brush stroke, so do maybe even half a brush stroke or just catch a wee bit of the powder instead if a whole brush stoke.
The packaging of this product was kinda cheap, it was really flimsy plastic and I always have a hard time trying to open it the lid, if you were to drop it on like a tile floor I could see the case breaking for sure.


Pros and Cons
I really liked this pressed highlighting powder, but it seems to be a little too shimmery for me, also I was having the hardest time trying to get just the right amount on my brush.
I also thought the packaging was way to cheap, and broke break if dropped it, the quality of the product was also very poor.
I like that it works great for highlighting but I would choose something with a little less shimmer in it, I don't want to be going out looking like a Christmas tree ornament.
My Conclusion
I liked it as a highlighter but wont be using it all the time.
Quality -  2 Pigment - 5  Packaging -2  Hour Hold - 3  Texture - 5  Overall - 5
Where I purchased : Cosmetic Clearance Center, Barrie
Price : 3.99 CND
Hope you like the review!
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