Friday, September 14, 2012


Before you apply your makeup, and when your taking your makeup off, you should always clean your face. If you don't properly clean your face, dirt and left over makeup build up and clog your pores, leaving you with breakouts that are hard to cover and ruin your day.
So, I'm going to give you my skin care routine, I use my routine in the morning before any makeup touches my face and before I go to bed, I can't stand waking up with makeup all over my face and my eyelashes sticking together.
First thing I do is grab a clean wash cloth and let the water run fairly hot, but really warm water works too, if you don't like hot water on your face, some people don't. Once it's good and hot soak your wash cloth in it and cover your face with it, the steam from the hot water on your wash cloth with open your pores, so you can clean all the dirt out of them.
Once your pores are open it's time to apply the face wash, make sure it's something that's meant for your face, we don't want it to be harsh on our delicate skin.
Rub it into your face and then re soak the wash cloth and squeeze all the water out and rub your whole face with the cloth, keep re soaking it and scrubbing until all the soap is off, then splash a bit of water on your face to wipe away the remaining soap.
- Now that you've done that it's time to apply a little Vichy, I love Vichy because their face products always work and are really gentle on your skin. The brand above comes in different formulas, I like the Normaderm face cleanser, and the night cream. I take a cotton pad and squirt some Vichy on it, then rub my whole face with it. It's smells like nature and always reminds me of camping and going to the lake , I love it.
3- Once the Vichy has dried it's time to moisturize your skin, now I have really dry skin so I am always looking for a good moisturizer that will keep my face moisturizer and healthy. The one I currently use and love right now is Aveeno, I use the cooling menthol kind and it really keeps my skin nice and moist, but when I wash my face to put my makeup on I use Keri moisturizer because after you put it on and it drys it gives your skin a nice dewy glow and I love that look.

well ladies that's all I have for you today hope you enjoyed my Skin care routine, and don't  be shy, share yours with me I love to hear about it, email or comment.

love you


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  1. Its really helpful tips thanx! Xoxoxo