Thursday, September 27, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Lise Watier Fe'line Mascara HD

A couple months ago my Mother-in-Law bought this mascara, she didn't really know what kind of brand it was but thought it looked like a good mascara. After trying it out she decided she didn't like it and handed it over to me.

When she first gave me the mascara I thought she was crazy because Lise Waiter is a very up scale brand and is doesn't come cheap, so I was thrilled to get it for free.

First time I used it I was very disappointed, I was so excited to have such a well known brand that I excepted so much from it and was taken back at how horrible it really was, I was shocked that people were actually buying this product.

Pros and Cons
SO, to start off the mascara was extremely dry and I had to coat my lashes about 5 times before they actually look like they had mascara on, but by applying so many coats of mascara it made my lashes stick together and look clumpy.  The color wasn't that great either, it was a very dull not black enough and didn't look good at all.
The mascara kept causing my bottom lashes to stick to my top lashes when I blinked, which got super annoying. I also found it very hard to wash off before going to bed, I know it's the waterproof version but makeup remover wasn't even taking this stuff off, it was like sticky glue, I had to have a shower and even after that I was still struggling to get it off my lashes. I would wear this mascara if I was going to go swimming or something because you know for sure it won't leak.
The one thing I did really like about it was the packaging, it was very bright and attractive. I'm pretty sure the only reason my mother-in-law bought this product was because the packaging caught her eye. Loved the stripes, loved the bright blue lid, and love the gold.

My Conclusion
I would never pay money to buy this mascara, it was very disappointed and I expected more from  this well known brand.
My Ratings
Texture - 3  Quality - 3   Packaging - 7  Hour Hold - 8 ( it wouldn't come off my friggin lashes) Overall - 2

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