Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Rachel Zoe Fall 2012 - Details

Racheal Zoe fall/winter 2012 runway collection was beautiful, it was very glamerous, the peices were repersenting London in the 60s.  Makeup was done by makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury. Maybelline New York was the offical sponsor of the Mercendes-Benz fashion week.

All products used to create the dark cat like eye were by Maybelline and I have use a couple products metioned in this makeup tutorial and I thought I'd give you ladies a little insight on wether these products worked well or not.

When eye stuido first came out with the gel liquid eyeliner in a pot I jumped at the chance to try it and bought it immediatley, I comes with a liner brush to line your liquid eyeliner with.

After I used it a couple times I hated it, it wasn't black enough and did look very good on, it also had this really horrible shine when I applied it to my upper lash line. I also noticed that the brush got really caked up and hard after a couple weeks of use, even though I cleaned it after every use. The consistansy of the eyeliner was more like a really creamy paste then a liquid or a gel and after a couple weeks it got really hard and I couldn't use it any more and had to throw it out.

Another product used on the models was Maybelline Legal Length Mascara. I liked this mascara for awhile it did live up to it's name and made your eyelashes look longer, one thing I didn't like about it was I found it really hard to apply to my bottom lashes without getting any underneath my lashes on my skin. I soon switched to a different mascara because I was looking for something that would make my lashes not only longer, but thinker as well.

Check out Charoltte doing the models runway look for Rachel Zoe below.

Rachel Zoe Fall/Winter 2012 makeup look.

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