Sunday, October 28, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Bonne Bell Lipblush Lip Balm

So if you guys have been reading my blog lately I've been on the hunt to find a really good chap stick. My lips get really really dry in the winter, they crack and bleed and get super sore, so every chance I get I purchase a new chap stick, because I'm trying to find the Jesus of all chap sticks........ something I can put on before I go to bed and wake up the next morning with soft, happy, moisturized lips!
 I usually put chap stick on before I go to bed it's part of my bedtime routine. After opening the package I decided to try a little and coated a light coat around my lips. It smelled sooooo good, It's passion fruit but just because it smells good doesn't mean it's going to taste good. The smell of all fruits mashed together in one wearable lip tube  makse you kinda want to taste it but don't its really gross, it taste like old lady lipstick, I don't know if you guys know what I mean by that but it wasn't very good.
The balm did make my lips a lovely pink color which looked pretty but I didn't buy it to wear it like a lipstick I bought to protect and heal my lips and it didn't really do that. I would say if you have slightly dry lips then this would probably work, or if you looking for a lipstick that will protect your lips throughout the day it would be great, but for those of you with cracked, sore lips it just doesn't provide the healing theapy your lips need.
I also didn't like how when you twisted it up and then put it on your lips it would mush over the tube it's in and get on the side, then when you got to put the lid back on you get lip balm all over the edge of the lid.
I do wear this at night and have for a couple weeks and still my lips are the same.

Pros and Cons
I love the smell it was so yummy, but the taste was horrible and grossed me out. The packaging although pretty, was also very annoying and I wished they'd put a little more thought into it. It will provide some relief to people with just dry lips, but people with severe dry lips this isn't the product for you.
My Conclusion
Great product....... but I need more therapy then this for my lips
My Ratings
Longevity - 3   Packaging - 3    Scent - 7    Dryness Relief - 2    Taste - 1   Overall - 3

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