Friday, October 26, 2012

THE WISH LIST - Real Techniques Brushes

 real Techniques Powder Brush

Lately I've been on the search for some makeup brushes that won't cost me a arm and a leg, but have great quality. I've bought really cheap makeup brushes before and let me tell you not a wise choice, they don't blend as well, they can irritate your skin, depending on what the material is made of, and they always lose little hairs which stick to my face and are very hard to pick off a freshly primed and foundation face. It's just annoying, so I got fed up and began a nation wide makeup brush search.
 real Techniques Starter Set
After a little research and some YouTube videos I think I found the holy grail of makeup brushes and it's known as..........

Real Techniques are very unique brushes they're high quality brushes with a low price. They sell in kits or you can buy them separately. The base of the brushes have three different colors, depending on what type of brush your buying.

Orange handled brushes are used to get a flawless base, pink handled brushes are for a perfect finish and the Purple handled brushes are used to enhance the eyes. This is a brilliant way to remember the use for your brushes.

The material that the brush tips are made from is called taklon and they use it because it gives a high definition look.

The neck of the brush is made from aluminium not wood and the bottom is nice and flat so they stand on there own.

Brushes range from $ 6.00 for a single brush to $18.00 for a set of them.

I really can't wait get my hands on some of these brushes, they'll for sure be my next makeup purchase heheheh

Hope I helped find you guys a high quality item for a great quality price


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