Thursday, October 4, 2012


Theres been a lot of buzz lately about these girl who look like real version of a barbie doll, It's scary because they actually do, one of the girls known as Valerie            has gotten numerous plastic surgery's to look like a barbie.

Anastasiya Shpagina who like to do her makeup like a anime character, with big eyes, a

small nose and super long straight hair.

I was amazed at how she transforms into this anime looking character and decided to try it out myself. Halloweens coming up and this would be a great customer for girls.

Me before without any makeup on. Make you proper prep your face before apply makeup. If you don't know how to prep your face find out Here.
1. Apply foundation that's much lighter then your skintone, make sure you also apply it to your lips as well.
2. Shade in your eyebrows, Barbie has extremely thin painted like eyebrows, mine are much thicker.

3. Apply a fairly light brown eyeshadow all over your eyelid and crease area.

4. Draw a dark line way above your crease with a liner brush make sure you start near your tear duct close to the side of your nose.

5. Take a blending brush or a crease brush and dip it into a darker brown, then tap it off to shake some of the powder off, then blend the dark line into you upper crease, and where you drew the black line it should all blend really nice together looking like above.

6. Take white eyeshadow and apply in between your eyelid and your crease ( or right below the dark eyeshadow you blended in step 5 ) Apply it around your tear duct and in the hollow area right near your tear duct.
7. Take some white eyeliner and line the lower water line and lower lash line, as you get closer to the edge of your eye make the white eyeliner bigger to give you big doe eyes.

8. Draw a black line 1inch below your lower lash line making it smaller near the tear duct and get larger as you get to the edge of your eye.

9. Apply liquid eyeliner to the upper lash line and lay it on really thick then extend the liner to form a really thick wing and connect the wing to the lower line you drew on in step 8

10. Time to contour your face, apply a bronzer or a brown eyeshadow and contour your jawline, check bones, nose, and near your temples, then take a bronzer brush and blend it in so the line don't look harsh.

11. Apply a highlighter to the bridge of your nose.
12. Use the under eye trick, you can find it here.
13. Apply lost of blush to your cheeks.

14. Apply little streaks that will resemble lower eyelashes.
15. Apply lip liner to your lower and upper lip, draw a small pair of lips inside your actually lips.
were done!

Real life Barbie doll!
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial
email or comment below if you have any questions.


  1. Very beautiful before, I don't like the barbie look after though

  2. lol its a very odd and unique look hahaha something only for halloween or something