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My Top Favorite 2012 Beauty Trends

Well it's time to say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013. 2012 brought a lot of good times for me but also a lot of rough ones too. Lots of firsts for me, buying a house, being a mother, starting this blog. I can't wait to see what 2013 with bring!

But for now let me just show you my top 2012 beauty trends!

#1  Mulberry Lips has to be one of the most popular trends on the 2012 street of style. Not only did I see numerous models walking down the runway sporting this bold lip but a lot of celebrities as well took to the dark purple, vampy lip.  A Bold statement, but one that was sported very well.

#2   I've been seeing these wicked pointed nails everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram lately and I'm not going to lie, I'm kinda obsessed with them. I always get the shape of my nails squared at the ends and have done this for years. I thought the pointed nail was a bit extreme but now I'm in love with them. Look for them on Pinterest there's ton's with different designs......It'll make you want to go out and get some.


#3  Perfect, bold, eyebrows. I call these eyebrows " The Megan Fox eyebrow" why? Well because she has the most perfect eyebrows ever! There not to bushy, but there bold. There perfect shape and have a perfect arch. What more could you ask for? I have seen a lot of girls paying more attention to their eyebrows and I love the look of a nice polished brow, it really pulls your whole face together. This is a key ingredient in a flawless looking face.


# 4 The always so popular Kim Kardashians famous under eye concealer. A lot of celebrities are using this little trick and I find a lot more girls have been curious about this trick. Not only does it make you look younger, and fresher, it makes you look like your glowing and can make even the ugliest of people look amazing in pictures. It reflects the light from the product you applied underneath your eye to give you that glowing look.  Looks amazing in pictures.
#5  One of 2012 hottest makeup trends that really rocked Canada was BB Creams. They were this new revolutionary cream that could create a flawless face on anyone. I do like BB creams and don't get me wrong they do have benefits, but I don't believe there some miracle cream that's going to turn your crappy, vitamin deprived skin into a perfect, flawless, even face. If you don't take care of your skin it's going to show no matter what.
 #6 The sexy, elegant, sock bun. I love the sock bun it's so pretty but to be honest I can never make it look perfect like the picture above, mine always looks a bit more tasseled. I'm probably putting it in wrong, even though I've watched countless videos on Youtube teaching me how to do it correctly. Guess I'm hopeless.
#7  Dewy skin is def one of my must haves for 2012. No matter how I do my makeup, I'm always looking for that dewy skin finish and have tried a lot of products and tricks for the perfect dewy skin formula and I've finally found it ( dewy skin post soon to follow )
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#8  Bright eye makeup is one of the hottest trends. I love that girls now days are getting more bold with their eye makeup, playing it up with bold blues, and oranges. Looks amazing and really shows that she confident no matter what.
#9  In 2012 3D has been everything and everywhere. Movies, tvs, computers you name they have it in 3D.  That included beauty, we have seen everything from 3D nails to lips to makeup. It's so much better when it's in 3D right! Well 3D has been around for a while so why did we go all crazy in 2012 and make everything 3D....... I don't really know.
#10  This hairstyle has been popping up on the radar for a couple months now and it's really got me loving it. I would never do this to myself right now but maybe one day when I get very sick of my hair and I'm going crazy I'll shave off half of my hair. I have to say on the right person this hair style can look very very good. Take Rihanna for example I think she looks fab with this hairstyle.
#11 How could I not put the amazing barbie transformation in the 2012 beauty trends. 2012 was a year of many things, transforming yourself into a real life barbie/anime girl was something that rcoked social media. I was one who became obsessed with this girls transformation. The whole routine of putting her makeup on caught my attention.
#12  Having the fullest, longest lashes on the planet was a must have for 2012. Eyelash extensions were a huge trend in 2012 and if it were for some of the set back I would have gotten them. Yeah they cost a bit and you have to replace them every 3 weeks which costs money but there so pretty.
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