Monday, December 31, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

This blush was one of the top blushes this year and when I pasted it shopping the other day, I seen this really pretty pinky, coral, color and I knew I really needed to try this blush out.

I have tried cream blush before, that my mom owned and I loved it. It looked so natural and light and I was thinking how on earth will I ever go back to powder blush. Once I got home and bought my own cream blush ( which was a different brand then my moms ) and used it a couple times I really hated it.

The Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush is really pretty on. It has pretty light, color payoff but to be honest it looks so natural and pretty and you can apply it without putting too much on. I used powder blush my whole life but lately I've been finding that I've been putting too much on without actually putting a lot on. It just looked like I was wearing so much when I really wasn't.

I bought this blush in candy coral, which is a super bright coral color. It's very creamy and bouncy, the name suits it very well. The only problem I had with this blush is it was a bit hard to blend. I used my finger to apply it and blend it into the apples of my cheeks and it seemed like it just stayed there in a small fingerprint that I used to apply it. I had to really rub to get it in. I think maybe if you use a kabuki brush or a stippling brush it would go on even and look so much better then applying it with your finger.

The packaging is pretty normal, has a click case and you just push on the opening and the top of the case opens. It's plastic but seems pretty tough. Comes in 10 different bouncy shades and cost around $ 8.00. which is kinda a lot for blush but it's a different formula then powder, making it unique.

Pros and Cons
Great creamy, light, formula. The colors are so pretty and I really loved the candy coral shade. It was a bit hard to blend in with my foundation but I was using my finger and that's not really something you should do. The packaging was pretty normal and seemed pretty tough. This blush was very natural looking and is a great product to add to my makeup collection.
My Conclusion
 Great blush for someone that likes natural looking makeup.
My Ratings
Packaging - 7   Color Pay-off - 7   Quality - 7  Texture - 9    Overall - 8
Let me know if you've tried this blush
Klassy Kassie
Keeping it Klassy

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