Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Favorite Beauty guru's on YouTube

I thought I'd take a little bit of time to share with you my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. I watch most of my favorite beauty guru videos when I working out or before I go to bed. These people have tons of great tips and tricks to max out your beauty knowledge so get subscribing and learn some new tricks.

 Kandee Johnson

kandee is a great makeup artist and is extremely popular on YouTube and also her blog is pretty good too ( I still prefer her YouTube channel tho) Shes super bubbly and always happy, she shares bits about her personal life as well has awesome makeup tutorials. Shes so funny and I can always count on her for a good laugh. I also love when she includes her little daughter in her videos, shes so cute.


Another great sense of humor, is british blogger zoella, I have to say lately I've been loving the British bloggers, I have a little obsession with them and secretly wish I had their accent. Anyway zoella's a little different then Kandee, she talks more about different products she loves or hates, she also shares her awesome clothing hauls which I love. Shes more focused on beauty and I don't think I've seen any makeup tutorials from her, but shell def make you laugh.

Tanya Burr

Speaking of British bloggers, the british girls are on fire, like 50% of my favorite beauty geeks are British, you go girls. I love Tanya, I feel like if I meant her in real life she would be the exact same as watching her on videos. Shes very sweet and honest and she has the cutest sweetest voice ever! She shares a lot beauty information and does great makeup tutorials. Her eye makeup is so pretty and easy to do. She also does really good celebrity makeup tutorials


Yet again another girl with a accent. Lauren is Australian and is extremely honest and laid back in her videos. She has great makeup tutorials and does the best celebrity makeup tutorials. She also has super cute outfits. She sometimes makes it seem like doing makeup is so easy and quick and you can tell shes super comfortable with playing around with it.


Carli has some really good makeup tutorials and is pretty big on YouTube. She does great makeup tutorials, offering you dupes for high end products she's using. She also has a couple hair tutorials as well. I love her she does her makeup so well and I love her lip tutorials. She's so pretty and laid back and guess what she doesn't have a accent hehehehe don't be disappointed.


Grace does very in depth makeup tutorials, you can tell shes a really good makeup artist. Most of her looks are very colorful and vibrant and she really loves to mix and match different colors. Her tutorials are more on the advanced side but are def good to watch. You learn how to layer and blend different colors to achieve the best results.


Wayne Gross is the only male beauty guru I have on YouTube but let me tell you, he has the best secrets, making every makeup look, look perfect. He does have makeup tutorials but I find I like his makeup tips and tricks better then all the other videos he posts. He also has great product reviews and guess what he's British hahahha and here comes the accent hehehe I don't know what it is with me and british people.


I love makeup and beauty more then anything but I'm also super obsessed with nails and I have tried countless times to do my own acrylic nails. Although it didn't work out, some time in the near future I'm sure I'll try again. Naio has great super professional nail tutorials and she has the best tricks to get perfect acrylic and gel nails. she is also British :p. Her nail art is amazing, and most of it is free hand, shes brilliant.....can I say that even tho I'm not British :o


Promise is a super super talent artist, and is extremely popular on YouTube. She does makeup transformations into different celebrities and movie characters. She has great contour skills and can transform you into a totally different person. Her tutorials are super simple, it's all about shading and contour with her and I find her tutorials very knowledgeable.

Well that wraps it up ladies and gents

Thank you for reading my favorite YouTube beauty gurus, check out their channels and learn some great tricks

Klassy Kassie

Keeping it Klassy

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