Thursday, January 17, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW - Maybelline The Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara

So I am always on the hunt for a new and exciting mascara, usually I go for something I have heard a lot about in beauty blogs or makeup videos, or I go buy some new product I seen the commercial for on TV. In the colossal cat eyes mascara case, it was a commercial that did me in.

I have to say this mascara isn't so bad, it's not my favorite mascara but it's def not the worst. It has a very weird smell to it, kinda like a really strong flower smell, the formula is a bit on the runny side but when you apply it, it drys pretty quickly. Oh another thing about the smell, for some reason dogs love the smell of this mascara hahaha I know its so weird but when I wear it and I go to my parents and my petting their lab, daisy she always starts smelling my eyelashes and trys to lick them hahah I noticed this with other dogs, I know that's weird but if you have a dozen dogs then buying this mascara probably isn't a great thing hahah they'll be all over your face.

The wand to this mascara is angled so it gives you eyelashes some nice curl, which I really liked. The problem is the tip of the wand gets a ton of mascara on it, making the end half of you eyelashes really stick together. Overall this mascara was pretty good. It didn't offer a lot of volume but it made my lashes nice, long and curly. I would pair this mascara maybe with a voluminous one and see if that duo works better.
I wish this mascara separated your lashes more, but it tends to make then stick together a little bit, not a crazy amount but it does pull them together.
Pros and Cons
Gives pretty nice curler to your lashes and if you only apply one coat it doesn't make your lashes stick together to badly but anymore then 2 coats and they started sticking together at the ends. Is hard to apply to your bottom lashes because the formula is a bit on the runny side so it gets on your face. Has a very weird, floral smell but once it's on your lashes you don't smell it.
My Conclusion
I liked this mascara and but I think it would work better when paired with other mascaras
My Ratings
Quality - 8  Smell - 3  Texture - 6  Volume - 3   Length - 7   Curl - 8  Overall - 6
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