Saturday, January 19, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Couple summers ago I was really into the coral lip shade, it looks great on blonde's with a killer tan, so I went out and searched high and low for a really bright coral lipstick and Revlon super lustrous in siren was really the only color that could come close ( the lip shades were slim pickings that day )

This lipstick is a love/hate relationship for me, theres things I love about it, like the shade is brilliant and looks really good on, the texture is extremely creamy and feels pretty good on when you first apply it, but after a couple hours it drys on your lips and drys them out. I hate that it drys my lips out, that's like a huge no no in the lipstick world for me. The color is pretty sharp and will get you through maybe a couple bites of your meal but after you've finished, your lip color is pretty much gone.

The packaging is rather pretty, its black and gold and it looks like a high-end makeup product sitting in its sheer black and gold case. Its a traditionally lipstick case, you twist up to apply.

Pros and Cons
Pretty color, but the formula was dry and the color doesn't even get you through one meal. Texture is nice and creamy and it's pleasant on you lips for the first little while. Def not moisturizing at all. Packaging is really pretty and looks like a high-end product.
My Conclusion
Love the color range but since the formula is too drying I would not purchase anymore of these.
My Ratings
Quality - 7  Packaging - 10  Texture - 8  Durable - 3  Moisturizing - 1  Overall - 5

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  1. this shade is gorgeous! as a tip; you can always apply a lip balm before application if a lipstick isn't moisturizing! i love revlon lip products ;)

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  2. That's a great tip, I actually do that quite often and find it works for a little bit. Thanks