Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MY LOOK - Bronzed Goddess

Time for another makeup look. I call this one bronzed goddess. It got a mostly browns but theres also a hint of purple.

Base is a very bronze, rusty orange kinda color, then you the light brown in the crease and blend at upwards to your brow bone, then take a darker brown and just blend that into your crease. At the end of you eye ( where you usually create the wing of eyeliner ) Apply this dark purple and extend it into your crease. For a highlighter use a white shimmery shade and sweep it onto your brow bone as well as in the tear ducts of your eyes. Then slap on some liquid eyeliner and mascara and your ready to go.
Check out my slide show video :)
Klassy Kassie
Keeping it klassy

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