Saturday, February 23, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW - Mary Kay Satin Lips 2 step system

So this time of year takes a extreme toll on my skin as well as my poor lips, their chapped and cracked and I can't wear lipstick because it makes the cracks look even worse, after talking with Takiya Moore, my Mary Kay consultant, I received the satin lips 2 step treatment*, hoping that this would do the trick, so I can finally have those beautiful pouty perfect lips

The first step is the satin lips lip mask*, you leave this on for 1-2 minutes after which you wipe it off and it exfoliates lips to remove all the dried, dead skin. It's a pasty white color and has a gluey, tacky texture, and a plastic type smell and taste. After you wipe it off  your lips feel smooth and silky. I have bought lip exfoliaters before but none work as good as this one.

The second step is the satin lips, lip balm* is a glossy chap stick type product. It sinks right into your lips to quickly take away the dryness and instantly made my lips feel better. I thought it wasn't working at first because it sunk into my lips so fast, so I applied another coat, but then I realized it's not like a chap stick that sits on your lips, this sinks right in and takes care of dryness fast, so theres no need to keep applying it. It didn't have a smell or taste which made me super happy. Love this lip balm, it tingles as it's sinking in, leaving me with ultra, smooth, silky soft, lips and I thought there was no hope for my poor chapped lips.

Pros and Cons
 Feels amazing on lips and contains no nasty taste or smell. The exfoliater tastes a bit nasty and I don't enjoy the smell either but it takes care of all the dead, dry skin on my lips, that the smell and taste really doesnt matter, your wiping it off after a minute anyway. If you lips are going through winter lip dryness this is seriously a cure.
My Conclusion
Great little lip system, exceeded my expectations and made my lips so soft and silky smooth, bring on the lipstick!
My Ratings
Quality - 10  Packagaing - 8  Smell - 9 Texture - 8  Overall - 9.5
 If you want to purchase something from Takiya Moore, my Mary Kay consultant you can contact her Here, or through her twitter as well @MooreKiya, she's super sweet and helpful.
PR Sample*