Saturday, March 9, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW - Vichy Nutriextra Creme

Winter has really been beating my skin up, so I went on the hunt for a more expensive moisturizer that would sink deep into the layers of skin. I wanted something that worked well on my face as well as my body. After looking through a bunch of different moisturizers I decided on Vichy Nutriextra Creme.

My sister uses this stuff and she loves it, she also has extremely dry skin. It came in a bonus pack including a lip balm and it was under my budget of $30 it cost me $24.99. I have always liked Vichy products and this creme said it works on dry to extremely dry skin. So I gave it a whirl. The packaging is super modern and colorful, has a very fresh young feel to it, and is super attractive sitting on the shelf

This lotion is super super thick, probably the thickest lotion I've ever applied to my delicate skin, just a small bit on your finger can cover a large area. It has a mild floral scent I could do without but something that didn't bug me to much. The creme is so thick and creamy, it gets deep down into the layers of skin. I wouldn't say it absorbs quickly, but instead of feeling wet and greasy like alot of lotions, it feels more soft and creamy when sitting on your skin. I noticed that the eczema on my elbows was so much better after only using this cream once. I also notice my skin seem alot less dry, which made this dry skinned girl one happy little lady.

Pros and Cons
Creamy, thick texture. Doesn't sink right in but does leave your skin feel smooth and less dry. Has a floral scent that I didn't love but it wasn't something that bug me to much. The price is a bit on the steep side.
My Conclusion
Super thick creme, perfect for extremely dry skin. I love this cream and would re-purchase
My Ratings
Packaging - 10   Texture - 10  Scent - 6  Quality - 10  Overall - 9.5

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