Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 I've been applying makeup on my face since I was 16 years old and just recently, after apply my foundation my skin seems to get irritated, I don't get hives or even a rash but get this, I begin to sneeze and my nose starts to run, then my nose gets extremely itchy.

Is that not the weirdest thing ever, just my nose nothing else and it's starting to drive me crazy. I started thinking OK, I've been using the same foundation for a year and foundation has never bugged my skin before, why after 6 years of applying it is it bugging my skin?

There are a couple factors that could be causing my itchy nose, one being my skin is on the sensitive/ extremely dry side, maybe I need to moisturize more, because I know when I wash my face and I don't put moisturizer on it right away it starts getting tight, dry and very itchy.

Another thing that could be causing this itchy nose is my makeup brushes, there are couple things that will make your skin breakout. If you use cheap brushes, if your brushes haven't been cleaned in awhile ( which mine have not ).

The technique you using in apply your foundation is another matter, some people say if your buffing your foundation, in a circular motion it can irritate the skin and cause, hives, rashes and itchiness.

Mineral makeup is another thing that seems to bug more sensitive skin, do not use mineral powder, foundation or eyeshadow if you allergic or have sensitive skin, chances are it'll make you break out.

Read whats in your foundation as well, sometimes it just one ingredient your allergic to and if your using foundations with the same ingredients your going to be allergic to them, so trying using a foundation with different ingredients and see if it helps.

If you've just bought a foundation and have used it and have broken out chances are your probably allergic to it, you should always preform a patch test before you buy the product to make sure your skin agrees with it.

Always, always, always, do a patch test

Thanks for reading hope I could help.


patch test

Medicine/Medical . a test for suspected allergy by application to the skin of a patch impregnated with an allergen: allergic reaction is indicated by redness at the site of application.

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