Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW - Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation

I'm so excited to write this post because I just went out and bought, Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme foundation. If you read my blog daily you know I've been dieing to try this foundation out and am so excited to share with you how I feel about it.

I went Christmas shopping with my boyfriend today. We went to shop for our 18 month old daughter, who was at her grandparents at the time and I snuck this little makeup product in among her Christmas presents ( doesn't sound like something I would do right?!) :p

When I first picked up this product I was stunned, because it was made out of solid glass and was a bit heavy compared to other foundations. It's packaged in a solid see-through circular glass case, with a twist off black cap. It was a bit hard to find the right shade for my skin because the glass was so thick it made the foundation  look a lot lighter then it really was, so I compared the best I could and found, warm golden 320 to be the closest to my shade and then got it home and found it to be  little bit dark on me. I have more of a olive skin tone and this was more on the tan side, but it doesn't look bad and actually gives me a bit of a tan look so I decided to keep it.

I found this foundation kinda hard to blend. I usually apply my foundation in streaks along my face and then blend it in all  together, but it dried too fast and I couldn't blend it all in which ended in me having streak-y looking foundation, so be sure to apply it and blend it right away. As for the coverage, it had pretty poor coverage and I wouldn't recommend this foundation to someones who's looking for more of a full coverage foundation. One of my favorite things is it gives your face a really natural, dewy, look which I LOVED and am always trying to achieve that glowy, dewy look. The color-stay power on this baby is amazing. It lasted all day without me having to touch it up and still looked amazing. It doesn't look cakey and doesn't require a lot of it to cover your whole face, just a dab or two will cover your entire face. If you want a fuller coverage then maybe try and apply more but you might end up with it looking cakey, I haven't tried this but I do have pretty good skin that only requires low coverage.

I bought the whipped, creme version but I like creme makeup better, it's always easier to blend and I think it looks more natural. There is a liquid version of this makeup, so if you don't like creme foundations get the liquid version.When I first opened the whipped creme version of the Revlon colorstay foundation I was confused because the texture looked really watery and looked more like the liquid version, but as soon as I applied it to my face, it was much more smoother and thicker then the liquid version. I will say make sure the creme foundation is always sitting upright, because it forms to whatever position it's sitting in and you don't want it sitting sideways and then open it and have it drop out. Make sure you wash this foundation off your face before you go to bed because it will make your skin breakout.This is one of the best drugstore foundations I have every tried.

Pros and Cons
Great quality, great lasting power, on the poor side for coverage but gives a great natural, dewy, look to your skin and hardly looks like your wearing foundation if applied right. Apply this all a once because it drys fast and will leave streaks if not blended into the skin right away. If you don't wash this foundation off at night it might make your skin breakout. Has fool proof packaging, but is kinda hard to find your right shade because the glass packaging is so thick. 
My Conclusion
I love this foundation, its the best drugstore foundation I've found so far.
My Ratings
Texture - 10   Quality - 10   Lasting-power - 10   Blendibility - 4   Packaging - 10   Overall - 9.5
I really loved this foundation, why not try and and tell me what you thought of it
I love hearing from you :)


  1. i think that the packaging is nice quality even though people don't like the bulkiness of it! great review :)

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  2. I love the packaging at least if you drop it, it wont break.

  3. Very nice product review i love this product..as it remain until 24 hr. very nice. I buy this soon. thank you for the post.
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    1. Yeah it's a really great foundation that doesn't cost a lot of money. Thanks